Our Staff

Our Staff of Multi-talented, and advanced educated ladies will custom design your hair, and improve your skin for a more youthful appearance! Show us your designs and we will design a new you.



Debra Knotts-Meadows
Owner, Full Services

As owner of DKM Salon and Spa, I believe that the DKM stands for Design, Knowledge and Methodology, because we take all the knowledge we’ve experienced, and use these methods, to design great looks for our clients! We all have our own talents, and are always striving to add to our repertoire of talents!

Jim Meadows

Jim Meadows, “MR FIX IT” is the husband and co-owner of DKM Salon and Spa. As the Operations Manager of the salon, if it needs fixed or if it goes bad “I have my hands in there somehow.”


Hair Services

Linda is an exceptional hairdresser of 30 years, and her clients have always sought her out, throughout her career. Her skills of cutting, coloring, and free styling hair are indeed her strong assets, besides her great smile. Come and see her at DKM Salon and Spa!