Our Services

Beautiful hair and fantastic skin. Fingers and toes that will show off the beautiful you. Face the fact ladies and gentlemen. You want to be the one that makes the room come to a stop. You want to turn heads. You want to turn around and take your loved ones breath away.


Healthy Hair
Eufora is our Aloe Vera based hair care product line. Concentrated, with no water added, these products maintain healthy hair without fading colour treatments.

Healthy Skin
Eminence Skin Care is all-organic and addresses the full spectrum of all your skin care and body treatment needs.

Professional “body hair management” is no longer just for women! Guys feel freshly groomed and hair free. Experience sugaring along with body clippering. She’ll love it too!

As a new or existing client we will consult with you and find the perfect solution to your hair and skin needs Of course as you know some times things are pretty bad, in that case we can start a regimen to start bringing you back on course so when you’re done you’ll be as beautiful as you want it to be.

Our products are the industries mid range priced solutions for your hair care needs so you will feel comfortable in knowing were trying to make your visit as cost effective as possible for everyone.