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Sugar paste for hair removal dates back as far as 300 B.C. and was first discovered to have originated in Egypt.

At SIMPLY sugar™, we have combined 30 years of knowledge and experience in the sugaring industry with the world’s leading manufacturer of body sugar to answer a growing need in the beauty industry for a high quality “ORGANIC” hair removal system.

Simply Sugar™ is an all-natural, safe and gentle method of removing unwanted hair in the natural direction of growth, so less hair breakage because you are extracting the hair in the direction of the hair growth, not against the hair such as in waxing. Also there is no chance of tearing or burning your skin. This unique product is environmentally friendly and it not only removes unwanted hair, but it also removes dead skin cells revealing smooth, healthy glowing skin. Simply Sugar™ is safe for all skin types, on men, women and children.

sugaring-hair-removalThe sugaring paste is all natural, with no chemical additives, and removes hair in the natural direction, along with dead skin cells.

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What Do We Love Most About Sugaring?
Probably the way the skin looks like 24 hours later. Because when sugaring you are not only removing unwanted hair you are resurfacing the skin because it is taking dead skin cells off as well as leaving the skin glowing and beautiful. This service, is especially beautiful, before and after on the face, bikini and the legs.
Also, if sugared on a 4 to 5 week interval, the hair becomes easier to extract, finer, and leads to permanent hair loss. Throw that razor away!

Make sure you go to a certified practitioner to get sugar hair removal services. The procedure isn’t easily learned, it takes practice, artistry and finesse. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it, without going through the certification process.

The owner of DKM salon, Debra Knotts-Meadows is an educator for Simply Sugar Hair Removal Systems Inc. and trains others on how to bring this great system to their salons. Waxing is becoming a thing of the past. As a Cosmetologist or Esthetician, a main part of our business is SUGAR hair removal. WE love doing it and we have become proficient at it. We have built a great trusting clientele. Debra is now bringing this to other salons and they are truly amazed at the difference between waxing and sugaring.

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